Welcome to your campaign home page.

IMPORTANT – After choosing your goblin, please email me with your choice and as well as your Obsidian Portal name so I can add you and give you the goblin!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Goblins campaign. Goblins are the nastiest, greediest, stupidest and funniest races of all of Pathfinder, so let’s have so fun with this! First, let me explain this website.

Obsidian Portal is a website we will be using to keep track of characters, items, maps, and happenings in the campaign. Of to the side you will see a few different pages you can go to.

Front Page – This is where you are now. I will update this with any super important announcements, as well as send you all an email.

Adventure Log – A log of the characters’ adventures. Feel free to post anything in character here. Whether it be like a journal entry, a story you’ve written, or a conversation the character had with himself, let your creativity flow!

Wiki – This is used to keep track of the many monsters, magical items, and important people you’ve encountered. I will update this, so just feel free to browse!

Characters – This is where your character, as well as everyone else’s, is located. Go here if you need to edit something or look at your character’s stats. If you haven’t chosen a character, email me the name of the goblin you would like ASAP. First come first serve! (NO WHINING)

Maps – A map of the places we will be going. (I haven’t decided if I’m going to use this yet.)


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